Biofinity Toric

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Biofinity Toric

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Lenses stay moist and comfortable all day long Unique, naturally wettable material - the comfort won’t rinse off Helps keep your eyes clear, white and healthy looking Aquaform® technology Extended wear option for those who require overnight wear


Biofinity monthly toric silicone hydrogel contact lenses help you achieve a level of comfort that you may have never thought possible. Traditional silicone lenses often provide either high water content but a stiffer lens material or a softer lens material with low water content. With Biofinity contact lenses you’ll get both! Made with our most advanced lens technology, Aquaform Comfort Science, Biofinity contact lenses bring together essential elements like oxygen and water. High oxygen performance helps keep eyes white and healthy while the naturally wettable lens material holds water within the lens making it soft, moist and resistant to dehydration and protein deposits without surface treatments or wetting agents.

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